Arc Flash Wear

Demanding Environments

Demand high-performance multi-hazard protection

Arc Flash

The sudden release of unexpected heat and light energy produced by electricity passing through air

Flash Fire

A fire that spreads by means of a flame front rapidly through a diffuse fuel source

Molten Metal

The liquid form of a solid at elevated temperature which is normally solid at standard temperature and pressure

Intense Heat

An extreme danger threshold associated with life-threatening effects such as heatstroke


Electric Arc, Flash Fire and Chemical Splash Protective Outerwear Solutions Made in the USA


ArcFlashWear is the Australian Distributor of NASCO ArcWear, PetroWear and Envisage Protective Outerwear Solutions and a specialist Supplier of premium secondary workwear for protection against a range of workplace threats.

Our tested and proven portfolio of high-performance protective solutions have the strength to withstand the challenges of critical workplace situations. Our innovative fabric technologies are constructed from fibres with inherent FR and AR properties and chemical structures that do not support combustion. 



Bondi Junction

13th April 2024


FR and AR solutions are designed to meet or exceed international standards for the personal protection needs of workers, no matter where they work in the world. Consensus standards ensure products and services are safe, reliable and of good quality. Industry standards are responsible for maintaining uniformity in all areas across the globe.


Arc flash and flash fire events are unpredictable and can be fatal. That's why workers who face on-the-job threats of electric arc and flash fire hazards rely on solutions that do not ignite, melt or degrade in heat. Their properties are intrinsic, permanent and cannot be washed away or worn out. 


Dangerous substances such as industrial chemicals, molten metal, steam and hot water require the appropriate level of splash protection apparel to reduce hazardous substance exposure to the direct skin. Injuries sustained from these hazards are not only difficult to recover from, but they can also be deadly. 


NASCO Industries, Inc. (ISO 9001:2015) founded in 1979 and based in Washington Indiana, is North America's leading manufacturer of certified arc flash, flash fire and chemical splash Protective Outerwear. 

NASCO ArcWearâ„¢ and PetroWearâ„¢ brands are designed to provide multi-hazard protection while maximising safety, comfort and functionality. NASCO Protective Outerwear Solutions are derived from innovation. 

ArcFlashWear has collaborated with NASCO for over 10 years. Our strategic alliance has enabled us to combine our respective resources, capabilities and core competencies to elevate our competitive edge in the market. Our collaboration is underpinned by customer-centric high-performance solutions that meet or exceed consensus standards for thermal hazard and dangerous substance environments. 

Technologies continue to advance, making materials more protective, lighter, stronger and comfortable.



Making the workplace safe includes providing instructions, procedures, training and supervision to encourage workers to work safely and responsibly. Even where engineering controls and safe systems of work have been applied, hazards can still remain.

Our customer-centric approach allows us to specialise. We focus on niche FR and AR solutions that help reduce risk to keep workers safer and better protected against hazards they face. Our industry-leading innovations, backed by deep materials science expertise, industry standards and best-in-class manufacturing ensure customer specific solutions.