Arc Flash Wear
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Individuals working in industrial environments today know that there is no room for error. One mistake and the consequences could be catastrophic within seconds. In working conditions where molten metal splash, arc flash and flash fire are ever-present threats, professionals need FR workwear that's able to withstand the worst-case scenarios.  

Base layer FR protection plays an essential role protecting workers against serious and more common nuisance burns. In dangerous situations, having a base layer of defence close to the skin can buy the wearer critical time to escape without severe or life-threatening injuries.

Base layer protection is designed to be worn underneath regular workwear and serves in managing moisture by wicking perspiration away from the skin. By keeping the wearer dry, base layer protection helps regulate the body's temperature and prevents workers feeling cold and uncomfortable, even in challenging weather conditions.

DRIFIRE Prime Is An Ideal Base Layer Fabric For Extreme Hot And Cold Environments

DRIFIRE Prime is an ideal next to the skin (undergarment) fabric for protection against extreme heat as well as acting as the first layering system for protection against extreme cold. The main function of a base layer fabric is to move moisture away from the body.

In extreme heat conditions, a worker has to avoid the effects of heat exhaustion and/or heatstroke while a worker working in extreme cold conditions must avoid becoming chilled or even hypothermic - DRIFIRE Prime base layer fabric provides an extra layer of protection to help workers avoid hyperthermic and hypothermic illnesses. 

Heat stress illnesses such as heatstroke are a common hazard primarily due to infrared radiation from furnaces and molten metals and when strenuous work is performed in hot environments. 


Exposure to cold temperatures may cause the body's internal temperature to fall below safe limits. This occurs when the body loses heat faster than it can produce it.