Arc Flash Wear
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ENESPRO is a new generation of USA-made electrical PPE designed to actually make the job easier and even more important, safer.


ENESPRO turned what they learned into an all-new line of American-made arc flash protective gear designed to increase compliance and help keep electrical workers safe. ENESPRO electrical PPE solutions are lighter, more comfortable and less cumbersome and easier to put on/take off and stow than any other choice in the marketplace. 


ENESPRO is an FR brand of NATIONAL SAFETY APPAREL (ISO 9001:2000) 

NSA is the largest manufacturer of American-sewn safety apparel, founded in 1935 during the great depression, out of the need to keep American workers safe.


ENESPRO PPE has created an exciting new line of arc flash PPE. Their arc flash kits range from 8 CAL to 65 CAL. ENESPRO arc flash PPE kits contain a complete set of made in the USA arc flash PPE clothing, hoods and face shields and accessories. All arc flash PPE kits include a custom PPE gear bag with a protective area for the face shields and additional pockets for gloves and other items.

National Safety Apparel is a leading US manufacturer of branded, high-performance PPE and safety products for electrical, industrial and service applications. With a strong focus on the utility and electrical services sector, NSA has a long history of providing equipment and apparel that comply with the most rigorous technical safety standards.


ENESPRO 65 CAL Jacket and Bib Overall Arc Flash Kit
ENESPRO 65 CAL Jacket and Bib Overall Arc Flash Kit


Use the ENESPRO PPE drop-down menus to view the collection of 8, 12, 20, 40, 55 and 65 CAL Arc Flash Kits. 


  • Compliant to NFPA 70E for Arc Flash.
  • Compliant to CSA Z462 for Arc Flash (Canada).
  • UL certified to NFPA 2112.
  • Compliant to ASTM F1506 for Arc Flash.
  • Complies with OSHA 1910.269.

ENESPRO PPE was founded with the goal of transforming electrical safety PPE by providing USA-made arc flash suits with multiple improvements that are truly meaningful to workers wearing electrical PPE. ENESPRO arc flash suits are made in the USA using the most trusted and proven FR and AR brand fabrics on the market, such as Westex UltraSoft®, DRIFIRE, Nomex® and Kevlar®.


ENESPPRO® OptiShield™ grey nanoparticle shields have improved visibility and colour when compared to legacy green tinted shields. They also include an abrasion resistant coating on the front surface and a permanent anti-fog coating on the interior surface. 

ENESPRO® OptiShields provide the comfort, breathability and visibility electrical workers need to perform their work safely.


A balaclava or shroud is required to be worn with a hard hat and face shield for NFPA 70E CAT 2 tasks. However, many workers avoid wearing balaclavas because they are uncomfortable and often carry odour from previous use. That is why the ENESPRO® OptiShield™ Vented Lift Front Shroud eliminates the need for a balaclava (aka "sock hood"). The shroud is lined with FR Control 2.0™ antimicrobial fabric that kills germs and controls odour making it a much more hygienic option compared to balaclavas. Shroud options help safety professionals solve this problem and encourage safety compliance because it is a much more comfortable and hygienic solution. The shroud is also attached to the hard hat and face shield allowing it to stay together as one piece. 


ENESPRO'S ActiveCool Venting™ underarm system delivers as much breathability as an arc flash suit allows. The underarm system increases airflow by 5 times to aid in cooling, offering safety without sacrifice. In addition, the unique placement of the system increases stretch by 3 times for added mobility when workers need it most. Also, ENESPRO® Jackets, Bib Overalls and Coveralls have an elastic panel in the back to provide a more comfortable and safe fit.