• Proven Flame Resistance
  • Multi-purpose Protection
  • Soft Wearing and Breathable
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Size and Shape Retention
  • Resistance to
    • Electric Arc
    • Flash Fire
    • Molten Ferrous Metal
    • Welding
    • Radiant Heat
    • Convective Heat

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In an often unforgiving environment, electrical industry professionals demand comfort when they are on the job. Yet too often, inadequate work wear leaves workers exposed to serious electric arc flash or flash fire injury. UltraSoft® from Westex has been engineered to deliver the right level of protection for NFPA 70E PPE CAT 2, without compromising on safety or comfort. UltraSoft® is renowned for offering safe and comfortable protection against electric arc flash and flash fire in electrical installations and industrial environments around the globe. UltraSoft® has proven flame resistance, is breathable and offers excellent wearer comfort whilst holding its size and shape.

Item Information


Item Specifications

MOQ 50 Units  MOQ 50 Units
Description UltraSoft® FR Shirt UltraSoft® FR Shirt
Product Code 0301S237 0451S305 ¹
Fabric | Fabric Weight | Style Westex UltraSoft® | 237gsm/7.0oz | Style 0301 ² Westex UltraSoft® | 305gsm/9.0oz | Style 0451
Composition Durable FR Cotton (88%) | HT Nylon (12%) Durable FR Cotton (88%) | HT Nylon (12%)
Construction 3 x 1 Twill 3 x 1 Rugged Twill 
Colours Medium Blue, Khaki, Visual Yellow, Visual Orange, Khaki, Visual Yellow, Visual Orange
  Bright Red, Safety Orange, Navy, Royal Bright Red, Navy, Royal
Range S to 5XL S to 5XL
Application Electric Arc, Flash Fire, Combustible Dust, Chemical Electric Arc, Flash Fire, Combustible Dust, Chemical
  Splash, Molten Metals, Aluminium, Welding Splash, Molten Metals, Aluminium, Welding
Electric Arc ASTM F1506 ATPV 8.7 cal/cm2 ATPV 12.4 cal/cm2
Flash Fire ASTM F1930 16.1% Body Burn  8.3% Body Burn
Laundry Commercial | Home | (refer Technical) Commercial | Home | (refer Technical)
Unit Pricing AUD $139.65 + GST in Australia only AUD $145.05 + GST in Australia only















¹ Shirt fabric weights > 237gsm/7.0oz are for specific applications which end users must determine.

² Available in UltraSoft AC® Style 0901 3 x 1 Twill 237gsm/7.0oz | ATPV 8.3 cal/cm2 | 20.5% Body Burn.

A minimum weight of 305gsm/9.0oz is typically recommended for light welding/cutting operations and 407gsm/12.0oz or heavier for most other foundry and molten metal applications. In general, heavier weights will provide better insulation from heat transfer but the end user must determine the most appropriate weight for their application.