Fire Rated Sock

  • Three Layer Construction
  • Wool / Nylon / Wool
  • Knee Length
  • Resistance to
    • Molten Aluminium
    • Molten Iron
    • Ease of Ignition
    • Intense Heat
    • Flame

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The Australian manufactured specialist Fire Rated Sock is a unique, comfortable, three layer constructed garment. The garment was engineered to provide an additional layer of protection for employees working in primary smelters where molten metal can enter safety footwear or penetrate protective work wear. The garment is however multi-purpose and suitable for any environment where there is risk of injury from extreme heat, ignition, electric arc or flash fire. The garment's ability to protect the wearer against injury lies in a unique knitting process.

Tightly knitted layers assist in diffusing flame immediately, allowing the garment to resist extreme heat and molten metal to temperatures of 1400° C. In such extreme conditions, the garment will not melt and affix itself to the wearer's body.

Application - molten metal environments and conditions of extreme heat and flame.

Item Information

Manufactured in Australia with resistance to Molten Aluminium (ISO 9185, 780° C), Cast Iron (ISO 9185, 1400° C), Ease of Ignition and Protection against Flame (ISO 6940, ignition time greater than 20 seconds), AS 2755.1 (Vertical Ignition Open Flame Test), AS/NZS 45024 (Molten Splash Test, no adherence for 180gsm mass at 800° C).


Item Specifications

MOQ 6 Pairs Each Size (pack of 6)

Description Australian Fire Rated Sock
Product Code AFRS800
Composition  Pure Australian Merino Wool (93%) | Nylon (7%)
Construction 3 Layer Knitted Construction
Colours Black | Navy 
Range (Australia / UK) 3 to 8 (Small) | 7 to 11 (Medium) | 12 to 15 (Large) 
Application Molten Metal Splash (Aluminimum, Cryolite, Iron, Steel), Electric Arc, Flash Fire, 
  Convective and Radiant Heat, Intense Heat and Flame
ISO 9185 Molten Aluminium 780° C | Molten Cast Iron 1400° C
ISO 6940 Ease of Ignition and Protection Against Flame: Ignition Time > 20 seconds 
Unit Pricing AUD $42.60 / Pair + GST in Australia only