• Soft and Flexible
  • Waterproof
  • Windproof
  • High Visibility
  • Reduces Worker Heat Stress
  • Stays Cool in Summer
  • Stays Soft in Winter
  • Resistance to
    • Electric Arc
    • Flash Fire

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ArcWear™ ArcLite Air™ is designed to be the lightest weight multi-hazard protective outerwear available. With both flash fire and arc protection, ArcLite Air™ is great for gas and electric utility companies. It meets the ANSI 107 requirements for High Visibility and is sure to keep workers dry and comfortable.

ArcWear™ ArcLite Air™ is the most cost effective and popular High Visibility waterproof protective outerwear system designed specifically for utility and other workers who may be exposed to electric arc and flash fire. With a feature packed design and a fabric weight of only 159gsm/4.7oz, ArcWear™ ArcLite Air™ garments meet the needs of the demanding electric utility maintenance industry.

ArcWear™ ArcLite Air™ uses a composite film with CCT Technology™ to make it 40% lighter than the lightest arc rated product on the market. This eliminates PVC, which stores heat in the summer and causes the wearer to be hot and uncomfortable.

Application: Gas and Electric Utilities, Electrical Maintenance, Storm Restoration, Meter Service, Electrical Switching and Telecommunications and CATV.

Item Information

Options - NASCO has the ability to create high quality images using silk-screening, single and multi-colour heat transfers and reflective logos using 3M™ Scotchlite™ Technologies. Camera-ready artwork is necessary for price quotes. There will be a charge for artwork designs unless camera-ready artwork is provided.

Specifications (MOQ 5 Units)