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  • 100% Double Knapped Nomex® IIIA Knit
  • Optional Zip-in/Zip-out for Omega FR™ and MP3 Jackets
  • Flame Retardant
  • Resistance to
    • Electric Arc
    • Flash Fire
    • Pool Fire

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The Nomex® IIIA Fleece Jacket/Liner is manufactured from 100% double knapped Nomex® IIIA knit. It has the versatility to be worn as a stand-alone Jacket or to be incorporated as a removable liner for our ArcWear™ Omega FR™ 5000 Series and MP3 3000 Series Jackets. Designed with comfort in mind, this electric arc and flash fire resistant fleece maintains a level of safety consistent with high performance FR clothing programs.

  • Soft, versatile, electric arc and flash fire resistant.

  • Increases comfort.

  • Keeps workers warm.

  • Multi-functional.

Application: Oil and Gas, Chemical, Electrical and General Manufacturing Industries for on-the-job protection against thermal hazards such as electric arc, flash fire and pool fire.

Item Information

  • Electric Arc (ASTM F1959, NFPA 70E PPE CAT 2) and Flash Fire (ASTM F1930, NFPA 2112). Certified NFPA 1975: NFPA 1975 Standard on Station/Work Uniforms for Emergency Services (Fire Fighters' Station Wear - Heat and Thermal Shrinkage Resistance).

  • 100% double knapped Nomex® IIIA knit 265gsm/7.5oz. Nomex® IIIA composition - a blend of Nomex® (93%), Kevlar® (5%), P-140 Carbon-core (static dissipative fibre 2%). The presence of 5% Kevlar® reinforces the Nomex® component and inhibits thermal shrinkage, reducing the probability of break-open and the subsequent loss of the protective barrier.

  • Waist length Jacket.

  • Elastic waist.

  • Full length zipper front for maximum warmth.

  • Nomex® knit cuffs.

  • Fall protection access.

  • Side openings with non-conductive zipper closure.

  • 2 angled pockets for easy access.

  • This item has the versatility to be worn as a stand-alone FR Jacket or to be incorporated as a removable Fleece Liner for the ArcWear™ Omega FR™ 5000 Series and MP3 3000 Series Jackets.

Specifications (MOQ 5 Units Each Style)

  • Range Codes.

    • FLC3000JB102 (Waist Length Jacket, Elastic Waist, Zipper Front, Nomex® Knit Cuffs, Fall Protection Access, Side Openings with Zipper Closure, 2 Pockets and Attachment Points for Omega FR™ and MP3 Jackets)

    • FLC3000JB (Waist Length Jacket, Elastic Waist, Elastic Cuffs, 2 Pockets and Zipper Front)

  • Sizes - S to 5XL. Long and Tall sizes available (Long 2" added to the Jacket length and sleeves - Tall 4" added to the Jacket length and sleeves).

  • Colours - Black (only).

  • Fabric – 100% double knapped Nomex® IIIA knit.

  • Finished Weight – 265gsm/7.5oz.

  • Seam Construction – overcast stitched.

  • Attachment points for Omega FR™ 5000 Series and MP3 3000 Series Jackets.


  • Electric Arc (ASTM F1959, NFPA 70E PPE CAT 2) – Ebt 17 cal/cm2

  • Flash Fire (ASTM F1930, NFPA 2112 - 6.8% total body burn, ASTM F1506)

  • Nomex® IIIA compliant with standard for Fire Fighters' Station Wear (NFPA 1975)

  • The Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI) of Nomex® and Kevlar® is approximately 30. The Limiting Oxygen Index is a measurement of the minimum concentration of oxygen, expressed as a percentage, needed in the atmosphere to support combustion of the fibre. These indexes mean that a minimum of 30% oxygen would be required to maintain combustion of a Nomex® and Kevlar® sample when each are exposed to a flame in a vertical plane. Since atmospheric air contains an oxygen concentration of 20.95%, any textile with a greater value of Limiting Oxygen Index can be considered non-flammable. This property prevents combustion and therefore propagation of fire to a wider environment. The fact that Nomex® fibre will not burn in air means it will not burn like a cotton fabric nor melt or drip like a polyester fabric. When exposed to a flame source, Nomex® fibre absorbs the heat energy and the fibre swells up, thickening in the process, which in turn helps to stop heat transfer to the wearer.

    In the case of static electricity, the 2% P-140 carbon-core fibre content in Nomex® IIIA attracts static charges to its carbon core, which results in lowering the static charge. At temperatures above approximately 427° C (800° F), Nomex® will simply form a very tough carbonaceous char, which is the essence of its fire protective mode of action.

About DuPont™ Nomex® IIIA

DuPont™ Nomex® IIIA fibre is engineered by DuPont scientists with the goal of giving workers in the oil and gas, chemical, electrical and general manufacturing industries valuable extra seconds of protection to escape the intense heat and flames of on-the-job thermal hazards such as electric arc, flash fires and pool fires. What's more, fabric made of Nomex® IIIA is extremely durable and has the added benefit of lightweight protection to keep workers safe while feeling cooler and drier. 

Type 462 staple of Nomex® is a blend of Nomex® (93%), Kevlar® brand fibres (5%) and P-140 (2%), a proprietary static dissipative fibre. When converted to fabric it is known commercially as Nomex® IIIA and is used for thermal protective apparel. It offers all the features of Type 455 staple (Nomex® III) plus a higher level of static dissipation in fabric form. The P-140 carbon-core fibre dissipates static generated from fabric-to-fabric and fabric-to-surface rubbing, minimises the contribution of clothing to static hazards and reduces apparent electric filed strength and nuisance static. The staple is dye mergeable and can be package dyed as yarn for use in knit goods or sewing threads, or piece dyed as baric for civilian protective apparel. Except for the static dissipative properties of Nomex® IIIA, all other properties are essentially the same for Nomex® III.

About DuPont™ Nomex® Fibre

Nomex® is a family of aromatic polyamide (aramid) fibres. This family consists of staple fibres, continuous filament yarns, paper and spunlaced fabrics. Uses for staple, yarn and spunlaced fabrics include apparel fabrics to protect against flash fire and electric arc exposure; firefighter garments; fabrics and spun yarns for filtration applications; insulation in fire resistant thermal protective apparel; rubber reinforcement; and in transportation textiles such as airline carpeting. Some uses for paper product include insulation in electric motors and transformers, wire wrapping and honeycombed strength members in many aircraft. Nomex® brand fibres are inherently flame resistant: the flame resistance is a polymer property and does not diminish with the life of the fibre. The fibre's low stiffness and high elongation give it textile-like characteristics, which allow processing on conventional textile equipment. Nomex® meta-aramid, poly (meta-phenyleneisophthalamide), is prepared from meta-phenylenediamine and isophthaloyl chloride in an amide solvent. It is a long chain polyamide in which at least 85% of the amide linkages are attached directly to two aromatic rings. The meta oriented phenylene forms bends in the polymer chain, reducing chain rigidity as compared to the para orientation in the chemically similar Kevlar® chain. This flexible polymer chain gives Nomex® more textile-like qualities while retaining high temperature properties similar to Kevlar®.