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  • Inherently FR
  • Completely Breathable
  • Excellent Wearer Comfort
  • Light to Medium Weights
  • Resistance to
    • Molten Metal Splash
    • Radiant Heat
    • Convective Heat
    • Flame Spread

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PR97® is an internationally recognised brand, renowned for its superior protective and comfort benefits in protective clothing for the molten metals industry. Developed in conjunction with an internationally recognised research company and launched onto the market in 1997, PR97® was positioned then and still remains the world's best secondary protective clothing fabric for the aluminium smelting and hot metals industry.

PR97® is a blend of natural fibres - Merino Wool and Lenzing FR™ - a cellulose fibre derived from wood pulp. The fibres are carefully blended then spun into yarns and woven to create a unique protective fabric which sheds hot metals.

The main benefit of PR97® is its superior protection against a variety of hot metals including aluminium, cryolite, iron, steel, copper, magnesium and nickel together with the related thermal hazards of convective and radiant heat and flame spread.

Item Information


Item Specifications

MOQ 50 Units MOQ 50 Units
Description PR97® FR Trouser PR97® FR Trouser
Product Code PRT320 PRT380 ¹
Fabric | Fabric Weight PR97® 320 | 320gsm/9.3oz ² PR97® 380 | 380gsm/11.2oz ²
Composition Merino Wool | Lenzing FR™  Merino Wool | Lenzing FR™ 
Construction Twill Weave Twill Weave
Colours Navy  Navy
Range 82S to 112S | 82R to 112R | 82L to 112L   82S to 112S | 82R to 112R | 82L to 112L
Application Aluminium, Cryolite, Steel, Iron, Copper, Magnesium, Aluminium, Cryolite, Steel, Iron, Copper, Magnesium,
  Nickel, Convective and Radiant Heat and Flame Nickel, Convective and Radiant Heat and Flame
ISO 9185 (Molten Aluminium / Al) D3 D3
ISO 9185 (Molten Iron / Fe) E3 E3
Molten Cryolite 85 grams > 100 grams
Laundry Commercial | Home | Dry-clean | (refer Technical) Commercial | Home | Dry-clean | (refer Technical)
Unit Pricing AUD $130.43 + GST in Australia only AUD $142.29 + GST in Australia only














¹ Fabric weights > 320gsm/9.3oz are for specific applications which end users must determine. 

² Available in PR97 Ultra™ 290gsm/8.5oz (D3/E3) and PR97 Ultra™ 320gsm/9.3oz (D3/E3).