Arc Flash Wear

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PetroStorm Jacket

Premium Multi-Hazard Outerwear Protection: Electric Arc, Flash Fire, Chemical Splash, Steam And Hot Liquids, Enhanced Visibility, Waterproof, Windproof



PetroStorm™ has been designed to be the lightest weight multi-hazard protective outerwear available. With electric arc and flash fire protection, PetroStorm™ is ideal for multi-hazard environments. It offers multi-hazard protection in a comfortable, lightweight, functional design for protection against electric arc, flash fire, chemical splash and steam and hot liquids. 

PetroStorm™ uses a composite film of CCT™ Technology to make it 60% lighter than PVC multi-hazard protection products on the market. CCT™ Technology eliminates the use of PVC, which stores heat in the summer and causes the wearer to be hot and uncomfortable.  

APPLICATION: Well Servicing, Drilling Rig Operations, SAGD, Heavy Oil, Pipeline Construction and Maintenance, Offshore Oil and Gas Drilling, Gas and Oil Extraction, Oil Refining and Processing, Chemical Handling and Transport and Chemical Processing.



  • Electric Arc (ASTM F1891, NFPA 70E CAT 2), Flash Fire (ASTM F2733, NFPA 2112), Chemical Splash (ASTM F903), Steam and Hot Liquids (CGSB 155.20).
  • Fabric - DuPont™ Nomex® Kevlar®.
  • Chemical/Moisture Barrier - Composite film with CCT™ Technology. 
  • Finished Fabric Weight - 170gsm/5.0oz.
  • Colours - Navy (N), Fluorescent Orange (FO). 
  • Reflective Trim - 3M™ Scotchlite™ 8712 reflective trim.
  • ASTM F1891 Electric Arc - Navy ATPV 16.0 cal/cm2, Fluorescent Orange ATPV 8.2 cal/cm2
  • NFPA 70E HRC - NFPA 70E CAT 2.
  • ASTM F2733 Flash Fire - Total body burn injury 23.8%.
  • ASTM F903 Chemical Splash - Pass.
  • CGSC 155.20 Hot Liquids - Pass.  
  • Options - NASCO has the ability to create high quality corporate images using ink silk-screening, single and multi-colour heat transfers and reflective logos using 3M Scotchlite™ reflective material. 



  • SKU: 1801JN110 / 1801JFO110.
  • 30" Waist length Jacket.
  • Elastic at waist back.
  • Collar with hood snaps for optional H1800 Hood.
  • Non-conductive zipper front closure with hidden snap closure over flap. 
  • Adjustable snap take ups at sleeve cuff.
  • Fall protection access in back.
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ 8712 2" (50mm) reflective trim placement on front over each shoulder intersecting with horizontal band around waist, X on back and reflective bands encircling each wrist.
  • Gas monitor badge left upper chest.
  • Electric arc, flash fire, chemical splash, steam and hot liquid protection. Waterproof, windproof and enhanced visibility.
  • Sizes S to 5XL. Long sizes available - 2" added in the sleeve and body length. 
  • Pricing: S to XL same price, 2XL to 5XL individual pricing.