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Premium Multi-Hazard FR Protection: Molten Metal (Aluminium, Cryolite, Iron, Steel, Copper, Magnesium and Nickel), Flame, Radiant Heat, Convective Heat


PR97® is a highly engineered FR textile used around the world in the harshest working environments, setting new standards in terms of protection and comfort. PR97® is recognised throughout the world as a leading textile for secondary protection in the molten metal industry. Designed specifically as a very high performance hot materials safety textile, PR97® also offers workers protection against other thermal related hazards.

PR97® is constructed using only natural fibres: Merino Wool and  Lenzing™ FR. Both fibres ensure that the protective properties are built in and cannot be laundered out. PR97® garments are truly multi-functional and can be used from smelter pot-rooms to maintenance areas to boardrooms.

In the aluminium industry, blended fabrics incorporating Lenzing FR are in high demand as they have proven their worth in this complex application. Lenzing FR has the ability to shed molten aluminium and cryolite from the fabric. Also, garments can be made lighter and more comfortable yet offer greater protection when Lenzing FR is incorporated into the construction.

PR97® has maintained its position as the benchmark standard for the protective textile across all smelter environments. The multi-functionality of PR97® offers molten metal operatives a complete solution system across the smelter site. 


ISO 9185: Assessment of Resistance of Materials to Molten Metal Splash

  • Molten Aluminium - Criteria D1 (100 - 200g), D2 (200 - 350g), D3 (350g+). Performance - 220gsm D1, 265gsm D1, 290gsm D3, 320gsm D3, 380gsm D3. 
  • Molten Iron - Criteria E1 (60 - 120g), E2 (120 - 200g), E3 (200g+). Performance - 220gsm E1, 265gsm E1, 290gsm E3, 320gsm E3, 380gsm E3.

ISO 15025: Protection Against Flame - Method of Test for Limited Flame Spread

  • Classification ISO 11612 - Limited Flame Spread - Face Ignition ISO 15025 Procedure A: Pass - A1.
  • Classification ISO 11612 - Limited Flame Spread - Edge Ignition ISO 15025 Procedure B: Pass - A2.

ISO 6942: Protection Against Heat and Flame - Evaluation of Materials and Material Assemblies When Exposed to a Radiant Heat Source (Method B)

  • Classification ISO 11612 Radiant Heat ISO 6942 Method B @ 20kW/m2: Performance - C1 (Level RHTI24, 7-20 seconds).

ISO 9151: Protection Against Heat (Convective Heat) and Flame - Determination of Heat Transmission on Exposure to Flame 

  • Classification ISO 11612 Convective Heat ISO 9151: Performance - B1 (Level HTI24, 4-10 seconds). 



The following video (1:30) illustrates the excellent performance PR97 Ultra and PR97® vs Cotton when varying amounts of Molten Aluminium and Molten Iron are poured directly onto fabric specimens. The Molten Aluminium test pours are 200 and 350 grams and the Molten Iron test pour is 200 grams. The demonstrations illustrate the burn or non-burn rate next to the skin.  

The world's best secondary PPE clothing fabric for hot metal protection.




  • PR97® will shed molten metal splashes, avoiding penetration of hot material and burn injuries to workers' skin. 
  • PR97® will not melt or stick to the skin. It will not ignite when exposed to electric arc or molten metal. It offers protection against molten aluminium, cryolite, steel, iron, copper, magnesium and nickel, electric arc (NFPA 70E PPE CAT 1) and radiant and convective heat.
  • PR97® is completely breathable and with no chemical FR treatments, minimises heat stress. PR97® provides a unique wicking (moisture transfer) effect that immediately absorbs moisture, aiding the evaporative cooling process.
  • PR97® offers excellent wearer comfort and the highest standards of health and safety in secondary protective workwear. PR97® has excellent mechanical properties such as, tear strength, pilling and abrasion as well as colour fastness, which are important when assessing the life cycle of a garment. 
  • PR97® resists exposure to flame without shrinkage ensuring slightly damaged garments can remain in service.
  • PR97® garments can be home-washed, commercially laundered or dry-cleaned. They can be effectively repaired or mended using patches and other techniques.