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PR97 FR Shirt

Premium Multi-Hazard FR Protection: Molten Metal (Aluminium, Cryolite, Iron, Steel, Copper, Magnesium and Nickel), Flame, Radiant Heat, Convective Heat



PR97® is an internationally recognised brand, renowned for its superior protective and comfort benefits in protective clothing for the molten metals industry. Developed in conjunction with an internationally recognised research company and launched onto the market in 1997, PR97® was positioned then and still remains the world's best secondary clothing fabric for the aluminium smelting and hot metals industry. 

PR97® is a blend of natural fibres - Merino Wool and Lenzing™ FR, a cellulose fibre derived from wood pulp. The fibres are carefully blended then spun into yarns and woven to create a unique protective fabric, which sheds hot metals. The main benefit of PR97® is its superior protection against a variety of hot metals including aluminium, cryolite, iron, steel, copper, magnesium and nickel together with the related thermal hazards of radiant and convective heat and flame spread.

To this day, the superior protective properties of PR97® have not been surpassed. The fabric range also sets a new benchmark for wearer comfort by using only natural uncoated fibres; so their breathable, moisture wicking properties are maintained.

APPLICATION: Molten aluminium, cryolite, iron, steel, copper, magnesium and nickel, radiant and convective heat and flame spread. 



  • SKU: PRS220, PRS250, PRS265, PRS290, PRS320 (220gsm, 250gsm, 265gsm, 290gsm, 320gsm).
  • Molten Metal (ISO 9185), Flame Resistance (ISO 15025), Radiant Heat (ISO 6942 Method B [20kW/m2]), Convective Heat (ISO 9151).
  • Composition – Australian Merino Wool and Lenzing FR.
  • Fabric/Weight - Twill Weave 220gsm/6.5oz*, 250gsm/7.3oz*, 265gsm/7.8oz, 290gsm/8.6oz*, 320gsm/9.3oz*.
  • Colours – Light Blue, Navy, Hi Vis Orange/Navy. Hi Vis Orange AS/NZS 4602.1 compliant for daytime high visibility use.
  • Long sleeve, gusset cuff to prevent burn injuries by eliminating exposed skin around the wrist.
  • Single button placket or full button opening front, both with collar button for closure when exposed to electric arc and flash fire hazards.
  • Additional 100mm length in shirt tail to prevent exposure of lower back.
  • Bigger block fit for comfort and mobility.
  • Two button down chest pockets with mitred corners with LHS pen division.
  • Regular collar.
  • Sizes S to 5XL.
  • MOQ - 30 Units.
  • Options -
  • Embroidery of corporate logo/name/personnel identification. Camera-ready artwork is necessary for price quotes.
  • 3M™ Scotchlite™ 8935 (11.9 cal/cm2) 50mm (2”) reflective tape affixed compliant with AS/NZS 1906.4 (excellent abrasion and chemical resistance; meets standards AS/NZS 4967 [structural firefighting] and AS/NZS 4824 [wildland firefighting]).
  • * PR97 Ultra 220, 250, 290 and 320 are lighter weights but offer the same level of hot metal splash protection, more comfort, advanced performance and hot climate comfort.