Provision of Inspection Garments
Acknowledgement and Agreement Form 

Corporations and Business Entities (Inquiring Parties) requesting inspection garments should complete and submit the following Acknowledgement and Agreement Form.

Inspection garments must not be worn or wear tested and manufacturers' labels and information documents must remain attached without degradation. Inspection garments must be returned to ArcFlashWear within one (1) week of delivery in the exact same condition as dispatched. Inspection garments must be returned by registered (or insured when requested) Australia Post logistics or logistics only approved by ArcFlashWear.



We/I, the Inquiring Party hereby acknowledge and agree that;

From the time of receiving the inspection garment or garments, if for any reason what-so-ever, any garment is lost, destroyed, damaged, including soiled with immovable contaminants, labels are removed and/or destroyed or in the opinion of ArcFlashWear the garment is, or the garments are, deemed unsuitable for further use and the resulting loss, destruction, damage (including the removal or destruction of labels and information documents) or the rendering as unsuitable for further use is due to the negligent act or omission of the Inquiring Party, including Directors, employees, servants, authorised agents, customers or representatives, it is hereby further agreed between the Inquiring Party and ArcFlashWear that, by the Inquiring Party completing and submitting this Acknowledgement and Agreement Form, the Inquiring Party will be invoiced (subject to the above) for replacement of the garment or garments at the current ArcFlashWear wholesale price plus GST, which the Inquiring Party unconditionally agrees to pay within seven (7) days from the date thereof.

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